We investigat­e what’s going on in that control cavity


Reflecting what is a very straightfo­rward guitar, we have a simple circuit with no tricks. Both volume controls are 250k Alpha audio taper whereas many would use 500k pots with a P-90-style single coil. Along with the chromed brass covers of the pickups, this may account for the slightly rounded high-end we hear. There’s a small ceramic 270 picofarads treble bleed cap on the volume and a green .022 microfarad­s polyester film tone cap – you see these in countless Asian builds. The cavity is shielded with conductive paint, and the backplate has a foil shield, too. The ceramic-loaded pickups are made in-house and are designed as a matched pair, although their DCR readings are quite different: 9.61kohms at the bridge and 5.46k at the neck. “Your bridge pickup sounds a little hotter than I would have expected,” Doug tells us. “I thought you’d say about 8.5k, so maybe you have one that’s at the higher end. The idea was that they are balanced and work as a set together. “Like all GS guitars, we wanted to make sure that the tonal range of the guitar is as wide as it can possibly be so the guitar can do as much as possible for you,” he adds. “I think it achieves that going from some gentle rounded blues tones to the more aggressive in-yer-face sort of punky rock tones – it’s all there.”

 ?? ?? The Gatsby’s wiring indicates the simple style of guitar
The Gatsby’s wiring indicates the simple style of guitar

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