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World guitarist releases triple-CD package

In view of the fact that Nicolas Meier was once a part of Jeff Beck’s touring ensemble, he has a remarkably low profile on the world stage. His solo releases thus far have featured a fascinatin­g fusion between jazz and Eastern music – often veering more towards the former end of that spectrum. He has a proven track record on the gigging circuit, too, but releasing a triple-CD package into the current market might seem like a bold move. It was lockdown that inspired this amalgamati­on of live and studio work – with all the unexpected time on his hands, Nicolas focused on putting together a series of live streaming events, even managing to organise a virtual guitar festival in the process. Spurred on by the inertia of those projects, a writing-and-producing marathon ensued, which brings us to where we are now. This set is a perfect introducti­on to his music, and if you like jazz with a twist, this set should be on your radar. [DM] Standout track: Stories From The Garden

For fans of: Antonio Forcione, Chick Corea Akoustic Band

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