Richard’s modern singlecut is fitted with Gotoh 510 locking tuners and boasts tons of tonal clout thanks to matched neck and bridge Bare Knuckle Black Hawk humbuckers with coil-splitting, Schaller Hannes Piezo bridge (and Flagship preamp and piezo volume/ blender), five-way Schaller Megaswitch and stereo jack, three-way pickup selector switch governed by one 500k push-push tone pot, and a Seymour Duncan Liberator 500k volume pot. Richard wanted every internal electronic component to be removable and, as far as possible, solderless. The guitar body has been constructe­d as a sandwich. Front and back panels clip together with poppers. This avoids having to provide any access-panels or screws showing on the back. The pickups and strings are internally mounted so no screws, plastic panels or pickup rings are visible externally.

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