What You Need To Know


1 C’mon, it’s not the April issue…

Haha… Headless guitars aren’t new (even Les Paul had one, we believe), but they are associated with their heyday in the 80s thanks to Ned Steinberge­r. And for many of us classicist­s, they just look wrong.

2 So, why the review?

To let you know that – divisive looks aside – this is one of the most inspiring electric guitars we’ve ever played. As you’ll read, it has a very unusual neck shape with a very flat fingerboar­d radius, but ergonomica­lly it’s superb with a super-light weight.

3 Fanned frets, though. Why?

Again, this is far from new, even old-school luthiers such as George Lowden are a fan (pardon the pun). Compared to some seven- or eight-string guitars, the multi-scale difference is slight here: 635mm (25 inches) on the top E moving to 648mm (25.5 inches) on the low E. In theory, the basses are slightly more ‘piano-like’, the trebles slightly softer. Our advice is don’t knock it till you’ve tried it – a bit like the overall guitar.

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