Steinberge­r, now owned by Gibson, offers wooden versions of Ned’s original headless/body-less design such as the Spirit by Steinberge­r GT-Pro Deluxe (street price of around £350). But it’s the influence of Ola Strandberg’s designs, not Ned Steinberge­r’s, that clearly inform the new headless Ibanez Q (from £849), which comes with standard or fanned frets and in various pickup/wood combinatio­ns. As Ibanez admits, due to “the prominence of more technical playing styles, and players’ desire for lighter, more portable instrument­s, today’s headless guitars are pushing far beyond designs of the past”. Classy copyist Harley Benton is on the headless bandwagon with its Dullahan series that features a more regular Strattype body. The FT 24 has a standard Fender scale, stainless-steel frets, roasted maple neck and Roswell pickups for a lowly £338.

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