Modern in style, but what’s inside?


The bridge pickup is girthsome and powerful, while the neck unit is a little more rootsy sounding

Removing the 3mm thick aluminium backplate, which also holds the output jack, you might expect to see a modernist circuit board. But no, things here are pretty convention­al. The cavity itself has copper foil lining and we basically have two 500k CTS pots and a Schaller Megaswitch (M) five-way lever pickup selector. The tone capacitor is a standard Mylar .022 microfarad­s (2A223), while the treble bleed circuit uses a 680 picofarads (681) capacitor in parallel with a 150kohms resistor. Suhr’s pickups are well renowned and both here – Suhr SSH+ at the bridge and SSV in the neck position – are SS (as in ‘single screw’) open-coiled humbuckers. The SSH+ has a measured DCR of 16kohms and is described by Suhr as “a true high-output humbucker. The pickup exhibits excellent harmonic content, lots of midrange and a focused lowend. Well suited for classic rock or metal.” The SSV neck pickup has a measured DCR of 7.33k, offering “a broad sonic aperture with very little compressio­n”, says Suhr, “making for a dynamic, vintage output humbucker, a versatile pickup that combines the warmth of a vintage humbucker with increased clarity and definition”. Although it’s direct-mounted, there is some heightadju­stment capability. Position 2 on the five-way selector links the inside slug coils of each humbucker in parallel. Position 3 voices the outside screw coils in parallel, while position 4 voices just the screw coil of the neck humbucker.

 ?? ?? Not quite as tidy as the outside, but this circuit works very well
Not quite as tidy as the outside, but this circuit works very well

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