Constellat­or Modulated Analog Delay £165


The Constellat­or is an analogue delay with two MN3005 BBD chips (modern versions of those found in some vintage pedals) allowing up to 600ms of delay time, and it has the standard triumverat­e of Time, Mix and Repeats knobs but also a control for adding modulation. Two modulation choices are toggled by the Feel button, which adjusts parameters simultaneo­usly for a different flavour – basically chorus or vibrato. Between the two, there’s plenty to explore whether it’s subliminal shading, tape echo-style wobble on the repeats or full-on rich modulated delay. Those repeats are everything you’d expect of an analogue delay, melting off and degrading into the distance and going into self-oscillatio­n if desired. From metallic ambience through vintage slapback to Edge-style rhythmic repeats and longer spacey echoes, there’s plenty here.

VERDICT An excellent way to easily add real analogue delay to your ’board

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