Space Rip PWM Guitar Synth £165


Described as “an analog synth buzzsaw that sounds like tearing the fabric of spacetime in half”, the Space Rip creates its sounds by pulse wave modulation (PWM). A choice of sawtooth and square wave voices are continuous­ly modulated at a speed set by the Rate knob, which alters the degree of a tremolo-like aspect of the sound. Fine-tune the synth voices to get them in tune with your guitar or dial in some discordanc­y. What you get is an edgy monophonic synth voice that tracks well but can be glitchy if you’re not careful with your playing technique. Blend it with your dry sound to bolster it with a bit of weirdness, dial in equal parts for some unison guitar and synth noodling, or just turn the Mix knob up for 100 per cent synth. If you want to get really rumbly, an Octave button transposes everything but the dry sound down an octave.

VERDICT If synth sounds are your thing, this gives you some in a smaller footprint

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