Moon Pool Tremvelope Phaser £165


Harking back to the first Pigtronix pedal, the Envelope Phaser, the Moon Pool is an analogue phase shifter and tremolo that can manipulate the effect via your playing dynamics. A three-way toggle switch allows you to use the two effects individual­ly or combined. Each effect has a Speed control, but Depth is set globally via a single knob, and each also has its own three-way switch to set how it responds to dynamics – either no response or an increase or decrease of speed with harder playing, another knob setting the overall sensitivit­y.

We preferred the bias tremolo’s rounded throbby pulse to the phaser’s more workmanlik­e nature, but their combined texture yields a range of ethereal modulation­s, some with rhythms that play off each other. Plus, the envelope action will give you an expressive layer to exploit for even more unusual effects.

VERDICT A pedal that helps you explore the possibilit­ies of mixing phasing and tremolo

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