“My primary guitar is an Arctic White Gibson SG from 2016. Then I have a Stogie Box Blues cigar box guitar, which is one of my most popular. I play a deep Cherry Red Gibson Firebird on the road and a Seafoam Green [sic] Vintera series Fender Jaguar. I have a Taylor acoustic and a Delaney 512 – it’s sort of patterned off a [Gibson] 339, but I use that one for a lot of open tunings and slide work. “For amps, I’m rocking a Category 5 setup right now. I switch out my heads between a 50-watt and 90-watt, but I’ve been rolling with this 4x12 cabinet lately. For smaller gigs, I have a combo, which has a 10- and a 12-inch speaker in it and it’s called the [Category 5] Andrew. “On my pedalboard there are various tuners and a volume pedal, an Analog Man King Of Tone, a JHS Mini Foot Fuzz, a JHS Superbolt [drive pedal], an EHX Micro POG Octave pedal, an MXR Carbon Copy, and a Boss Super Shifter for divebombs and octave up. I also have a Boss synth pedal I’ve been experiment­ing with and trying to work into the show.”

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