1 LATE 60S


By the time Cliff had decided he wanted to build his own guitar amplifiers, he had already studied electronic­s at college. Working in collaborat­ion with Mat Mathias of Radio Craft – a radio repair shop in West Yorkshire – the first Orange amps were assembled in Mat’s native Huddersfie­ld and were also branded Matamp. Meanwhile, the first Orange speaker cabinets were constructe­d in the basement of Cliff’s shop (where, in the early days, he would often sleep!).

From November 1968, fewer than 50 100-watt OR100 Orange Matamp units were completed, making them highly sought-after collector’s items. The very first amps were supplied to Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac for their US tour. The 200-watt OR200 appeared later in March 1969 and was powered by four 6550/ KT88 valves (double the number onboard the original OR100). That spring, the second version of the OR100 appeared and it came fitted with four EL34s, while the new 50-watt OR50 was driven by two EL34s.

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