Manufactur­ing of the amplifiers at the Bexleyheat­h factory ended in 1979, though Cliff hung on throughout the next decade building and selling Orange amps – albeit in limited numbers. In 1993, the Orange brand was licensed to Gibson who opted for the new amps to be made in England by Matamp. However, these 70s reissues were not a great success (though Noel Gallagher used an Overdrive 120 model for a time), and in 1997 Cliff regained control of the brand he started back in the late 60s. It was the dawn of a new era for Orange.

Beginning with the launch of the AD30 in 1998 (an amplifier that was famously played by Jimmy Page, Adrian Utley and PJ Harvey, to name just three), Orange went from strength to strength as the AD15 picked up the Editor’s Pick Award in Guitar Player, when it was released the following year. This new phase for the company also saw Orange reconnecti­ng with its Fleetwood Mac heritage when the AD15 combo became guitarist Jeremy Spencer’s amp of choice.

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