Launched in 2003, the original Rockerverb was Orange’s first high-gain amp design, making it a firm favourite in the metal world. Its versatile design also proved a winning formula for guitarists who desired an ultimately flexible amp to cover all bases. Indeed, Orange Rockerverb­s are popular among sessions players for use on stage and in the studio.

After Orange began receiving requests to build an effects loop into the AD30, the company instead decided to design a new amp from the bottom up. Featuring a valve-driven effects loop (the first amp of its kind, no less), the Rockerverb 50 and 100 amps were revamped in 2010 with the launch of the MKII versions, though their much-loved Pics Only-style crunch character was retained.

The current incarnatio­ns of the Rockerverb – the MKIII amps – are available in orange and black livery and feature selectable output power options. As per the ‘MKI’ and MKII Rockerverb­s, a combo version of the MKIII is available.

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