I’m lucky enough to have collected all manner of gear over the last 40 years and am now an EVH fan. A lot of EVH stuff has been rated by Guitarist, but not my EVH stuff, specifical­ly the Stealth Lunchbox head, 2x12 cab, Striped Series 5150 and Wolfgang Exotic Bocote. I’m currently enduring the endless wait for a new guitar (the new Eddie signature made in Japan – well worth a review as it’s exactly the same as the £4k USA version but £1,700) and you know what it’s like when you have a guitar on order, especially one that isn’t available yet. Nightly trawls of YouTube to see if anyone has received theirs yet, constant Googling, etc. Maybe it’s just me, but I love the validation that comes from watching/ reading favourable reviews online.

Which brings me to my idea: The Guitarist Review Custom Shop! One lucky reader a month could submit a piece of gear for the full treatment – detailed review, photos, etc. Think of the rarities that might show up, and the stories! You could even do an ‘As reviewed in Guitarist’ certificat­e. I realise that this is unrealisti­c, but wouldn’t it be nice? Sat there looking at your guitar/ pedal/amp/homemade pedalboard glowing out from the pages of Guitarist? If you decide not to run with my genius idea, can you at least have a look at my rig? Stjohn Mason

That’s a nice idea, Stjohn, although I think poor reviews editor, Dave Burrluck, might have a coronary at the thought of fitting it in alongside the other goodies we review! But we like the idea of ‘rate my rig’ and we used to run something similar in the letters pages. So, readers, send us pics of your go-to guitar and effects/amp rig and we’ll print the best here and maybe do a little analysis of why they go together so well.

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