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Halliday - - Tuscany -

From Florence or Siena, a drive of less than an hour will get you into the heart of Chi­anti Clas­sico. One op­tion is to stay in ei­ther of these cities and make day-trips out to the coun­try­side, but un­doubt­edly the most re­ward­ing ex­pe­ri­ence is a few days spent leisurely mov­ing from vil­lage to vil­lage, sam­pling the lo­cal food and wine, while stay­ing overnight at the guest­houses, coun­try­side cas­tles or farm­stays that dot the re­gion.

Borgo Pig­nano, Volterra


Castello di Ama, Gaiole In Chi­anti


Villa Pomona, Castel­lina in Chi­anti


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