2017 Robert Oat­ley Mar­garet River Sau­vi­gnon Blanc

Halliday - - 100 New Tasting Notes -

The so-called sau­vi­gnon blanc yeast was cre­ated by a process of se­lec­tion, not ma­nip­u­la­tion, and works very well with grapes grown in warm re­gions where the wine would oth­er­wise be de­void of char­ac­ter. Here a mix of yeasts were em­ployed, and the re­gion is clearly suited to the va­ri­ety. Thus the other ex­treme of forced flavour is also avoided, leav­ing a cho­rus of freshly sliced trop­i­cal fruits and pink grape­fruit. 12% alc.

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