Un­trace­able tricks to ban­ish bad hair days.

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Change is afoot in the world of beauty. The days of flaunt­ing ob­vi­ous work are num­bered, and the ‘you-just-fresher’ phi­los­o­phy has ex­tended to our locks. Whether your goal is to com­bat thin­ning, boost what you were born with or shave a few years off your face, forge a fu­ture full of good hair days.


That ad­dic­tive, quick-lift glow that you get from il­lu­mi­na­tor? Slot the hair equiv­a­lent into your next salon visit.“basin bal­ayage is a free­hand tech­nique that in­stantly adds a pop of colour around the face or the ends of the hair,” says Jaye Edwards, who of­fers the five-to-10-minute, cus­tomis­able colour ser­vice at his Edwards and Co. sa­lons.“be­cause it goes on wet strands, it won’t af­fect the con­di­tion of the hair and just cre­ates this beau­ti­ful, sub­tle ra­di­ance that’s no­tice­able once you dry off.”


Deep breath in ... and out. Feel bet­ter? So does your hair. “The fore­head is linked to your scalp, so if it is al­ways tense be­cause of stress or fa­cial ex­pres­sions, blood doesn’t cir­cu­late prop­erly,” ex­plains Parisian hair­styl­ist Christophe Robin. “My ad­vice would be to try to re­lax with yoga and med­i­ta­tion as much as pos­si­ble, and I would also rec­om­mend mas­sag­ing the scalp with your head up­side down to im­prove blood cir­cu­la­tion.” L’oréal Paris Botan­i­cals Fresh Care with Laven­der Mask, $18.


With win­ter on ap­proach comes longer, hot­ter show­ers and fewer op­por­tu­ni­ties to air-dry our hair.“any more than 10 min­utes in the shower will wash away es­sen­tial oils from your hair, so you’re not do­ing your­self any favours by overindulg­ing,” says the owner of Raw salon in Syd­ney,an­thony Nader.“and rub­bing hair with a towel can lead to break­age, so al­ways pat dry and in­vest in a qual­ity hair dryer.your strands will thank you.” A pro stylist favourite since its launch, the Dyson Su­per­sonic blends su­per-con­trolled jets of air with very clever tem­per­a­ture con­trol that mea­sures the heat 20 times a sec­ond. The re­sult? Shinier and smoother hair with zero burn­ing and min­i­mal ef­fort. Dyson Su­per­sonic with Travel Case, $549.


Clock­ing a cou­ple of ex­tra strands in your Ma­son Pear­son is one thing; ex­ces­sive shed­ding is an­other. “Hair is con­sid­ered a non-es­sen­tial skin ap­pendage and is fre­quently the first tis­sue to have sup­port for growth with­drawn when body bal­ance is dis­turbed,” ex­plains tri­chol­o­gist An­thony Pearce, who puts the steady rise of hair loss cases at his clinic down to life­style, diet, gut dis­tur­bances and au­toim­mune is­sues.“hair is a barom­e­ter of in­ner health and thin­ning of your scalp hair den­sity is of­ten an ini­tial pri­mary symp­tom of in­ter­nal dis­tur­bance, de­fi­ciency or emerg­ing dis­ease process.” Hair loss is a com­mon symp­tom linked to thy­roid prob­lems, but even if you don’t have an im­bal­ance it’s worth keep­ing gut func­tion in check with a qual­ity pro­bi­otic such as Spec­trum­ceu­ti­cals SB-500 Sac­cha­romyces Boulardii, $99 (for 90 cap­sules).


New tech­nol­ogy is set to clear out that grave­yard of half-used hair prod­ucts taunt­ing from the depths of ev­ery bath­room cab­i­net. Sch­warzkopf Pro­fes­sional Salon­lab hair anal­yser is a hand-held de­vice that uses near-in­frared and light sen­sors to mea­sure hair con­di­tion, colour and mois­ture lev­els.then the find­ings are used to con­coct a per­son­alised hair­care rou­tine on the spot, so you’re only us­ing what sci­ence says will ac­tu­ally work for your hair. Aus­tralian strands will have to stand by, though, as it’s not set to launch on our shores un­til next year.


Fash­ion and film’s ringlet re­vival has well and truly made it to the masses, but if you’ve re­cently es­chewed your flat iron in favour of your nat­u­ral tex­ture, be sure to re-eval­u­ate your rou­tine ac­cord­ingly.“i’m lov­ing that many of my clients are now us­ing their curls to their ad­van­tage, but I’ll of­ten rec­om­mend that they in­clude a pre-sham­poo treat­ment in their rou­tine, or use prod­ucts de­signed to cleanse while keep­ing coils smooth and in­tact,” Edwards says. Oribe Gold Lust Pre-sham­poo Treat­ment, $95; Ver­non François Co-wash Sham­poo, $28; Kevin.mur­phy­pair, $50.

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