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SAFE Bun­bury has a num­ber of dogs seek­ing a lov­ing new home. All adop­tion fees in­clude ster­il­i­sa­tion, mi­crochip, vac­ci­na­tion, and flea and worm treat­ment. Email safebun­bury­ or call 0435 041 099.

Ste­vie: Is a seven-mon­thold staffy cross girl who was found hid­ing un­der a ve­hi­cle, skinny, skin and fur in a ter­ri­ble con­di­tion due to un­treated mites and a re­sult­ing in­fec­tion. Now on the mend, she is good with other dogs and chil­dren. Ste­vie is a young dog, there­fore is still learn­ing com­mands and also rules not to jump. Adop­tion fee is $465.

Jessie: Is a 12-month-old gor­geous girl with that in­fec­tious staffy smile and a lov­ing na­ture. Jessie can be slightly timid when she new peo­ple, but soon jumps with hap­pi­ness when her peo­ple come home. She shows food pos­ses­sive­ness if other dogs are around. Adop­tion fee is $465.

Lilly: Is a two-and-a-hal­fyear-old medium kelpie mix girl. Lilly has only just come into care so we are still learn­ing about her but she seems to have a sweet per­son­al­ity and is dog-friendly. Lilly is an ac­tive and ath­letic dog so will need daily walks/ runs to keep her happy. Adop­tion Fee is $465.

Cae­sar: Is a two-year-old, gen­tle and sweet na­tured grey­hound cross. He ab­so­lutely loves his peo­ple and although a lit­tle shy at first, he soon blos­soms into his nor­mal happy, cruisy self. He is toi­let trained and walks well on a lead with no

pulling. Adop­tion fee is $465.

SAFE Bun­bury has a num­ber of cats look­ing for a lov­ing new home. All adop­tion fees in­clude ster­il­i­sa­tion, mi­crochip, vac­ci­na­tion and flea and worm treat­ment. Email safebun­ or call 0435 041 093.

Archie: Is a two-year-old smoocher and purrs his head off. He is fine with other cats, chil­dren and adults alike. Noth­ing fazes him. The per­son that adopts this fluffy tailed, medi­umhaired boy is in for a real treat. Adop­tion fee is $215.

Smokey: Is a hand­some six-year-old boy who is gen­tle and lov­ing. He copes well with other cats, dogs, chil­dren and adults. Although he was a lit­tle shy when he first ar­rived in our care, he has be­come a wel­come ad­di­tion to the fos­ter carer's house. Smokey en­joys cud­dles and smooches and would make a great com­pan­ion to any house­hold. Adop­tion fee is $215.

Jack: Is three years old and ar­rived in to SAFE’s care only a few weeks ago. We’re still get­ting to know him but so far he has proved to be af­fec­tion­ate and loves to cud­dle his peo­ple. He is still ad­just­ing to his fos­ter home and seems un­sure of the other an­i­mals that live there. Jack does choose to hide away dur­ing the day but does comes out for food and to be close to his peo­ple in the evening. Adop­tion fee is $175.

Chewy: Is six-months-old and in need of some­one with time and pa­tience. Chewy loves other cats and would be best suited to a qui­eter home with­out young chil- dren. Adop­tion fee is $265.

Diesel: Is three years old, cud­dly and loves to eat. He loves to sit with his car­ers while they are watch­ing TV and his favourite place to sleep is on a spe­cial red blan­ket on their bed. Diesel oc­ca­sion­ally he gets up­set when you in­ter­rupt his sleep. He is fos­tered as an in­side only cat, is lit­ter trained and would best suit a home with­out other cats. Adop­tion fee is $175.

Delta: The minute the cam­era comes out, 12month-old Delta puts her grumpy face on. She re­ally is a sweet lit­tle girl. Delta can be a bit timid and shy but she is get­ting bet­ter ev­ery day. She is fos­tered in a busy fam­ily home with kids, dogs and other cats. Adop­tion fee is $175.

SWAR have beau­ti­ful cats, kit­tens and dogs avail­able for adop­tion. Con­tact SWAR’s fos­ter car­ers di­rectly or check the web­site www.south­wes­t­ani­mal­res­ All SWAR cats are vac­ci­nated, mi­crochipped and ster­ilised. The kit­tens are vac­ci­nated and come with ster­il­i­sa­tion and mi­crochip­ping vouch­ers.

Tash: Is a beau­ti­ful “tor­tie tabby” and is ap­prox­i­mately five-years-old. She’s not sure about dogs but seems OK with quiet cats. Tash is a smooch and loves giv­ing head butts and chat­ting to you. Adop­tion fee is $200.

Tara: This brown tabby is ap­prox­i­mately two-year­sold. Tara is su­per smoochy and loves to rub against your legs and gives head butts. She is not sure on dogs but should be fine with an­other quiet cat. Adop­tion fee is $200.





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