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MANY pic­tures of the way life should be. But pic­tures are sim­ply the im­ages we are fed about the way we ex­pect life to be - our needs, wants, ex­pec­ta­tions and our at­tache­ments. It’s a pos­si­bly end­less list but we all have pic­tures all-day, ev­ery-day. We may have pic­tures about: • Who will or will not be in the house when I get

home? • What is for din­ner tonight? • When din­ner will be? • What state the home will be in when I ar­rive

home? • What oth­ers should and should not say? • How a task should be com­pleted? Th­ese pic­tures, un­for­tu­nately, are the trig­gers for much of our anx­i­ety. Many peo­ple try to con­trol life to make life ac­cord­ing to their own pic­tures, how­ever life does not al­ways hap­pen Smashed pic­tures are sim­ply the les­sons in life we are yet to self-mas­ter (ie. learn how to re­spond to rather than at­tempt­ing to con­trol • Who we should and should not spend

• What presents we want and/or should buy

another? • What food should be eaten? • What time peo­ple should or shouldn’t ar­rive/

leave? • Where are we go­ing to be? Is it pos­si­ble that all th­ese pic­tures are sim­ply cre­at­ing a stress­ful en­vi­ron­ment for each and ev­ery per­son? The fact is ev­ery per­son has their own pic­tures and of­ten th­ese pic­tures are that each per­son is smash­ing other peo­ple’s pic­tures. day af­ter all. But let’s look at what is hap­pen­ing here with just this one pic­ture. Typ­i­cally, we have dis­cussed that ma­jor pic­tures of who, what, where, when why etc. and thus most have a sim­i­lar un­der­stand­ing of what is ex­pected to hap­pen. Typ­i­cally, we have not ad­dressed the thou­sands of mi­nor pic­tures that each and ev­ery per­son has. Of­ten there is a mul­ti­tude of smashed pic­tures; some mi­nor and some ap­pear more ma­jor and many hold the pic­ture of ‘we must all get along’ and thus don’t ex­press their pic­tures and/or smashed pic­ture. Each smashed pic­ture when not un­der­stood can hurt; if we don’t ex­press this it bub­bles and bub­bles up in­side. On the sur­face level there a lot of peo­ple How­ever, be­low the sur­face there is a ten­sion

build­ing that one day must be re­leased. or the days that fol­low, this ten­sion is of­ten re­leased - of­ten in a way that seems ex­treme. I have of­ten wondered if this is...

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