This aro­matic plant is more than a tasty gar­nish! Take a leaf out of our book and pop mint on your menu.

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Find out why this herb is so cool

Minty fresh!

This fra­grant herb is lit­er­ally one of the coolest. Its slightly sweet flavour has a re­fresh­ing aftertaste that helps sal­ads, smooth­ies, teas and juices come alive!

Th­ese lit­tle leaves also pack real nu­tri­tional power. Although we con­sume mint in only small amounts, it’s high in vi­ta­mins A, B2 and C, as well as cal­cium and zinc. This herb also has calm­ing prop­er­ties, so some peo­ple use it to treat headaches, nau­sea, anx­i­ety and mo­tion sick­ness.

Fresh mint al­ways tastes best. To lengthen its life­span, trim the stems’ ends, cover the leaves with a plas­tic bag (or damp cloth) and store it in the fridge. Bet­ter still, grow a bunch on your win­dowsill and you’ll never be with­out it!

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