Palm sugar

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For cen­turies, the blos­som-bear­ing spikes of many types of palm trees have been tapped for their sweet sap, which is 10 to 20 per cent su­crose. This sap is used to pro­duce sweet and fer­mented drinks, sugar, syrup and vine­gar. Palm sugar may con­trib­ute vi­ta­mins and min­er­als not found in regular gran­u­lated sugar, but the amounts are far too small to count to­wards your rec­om­mended daily in­takes.

At the time of writ­ing, palm sugar has not been gly­caemic-in­dex tested; how­ever, co­conut sugar (which is a palm sugar from the co­conut palm) has a low gly­caemic in­dex (GI 54).

Palm sugar at a glance

Sug­ars: Su­crose, glu­cose, fruc­tose Sweet­ness rel­a­tive to su­crose (ta­ble sugar): Equally sweet Kilo­joules: 67 kilo­joules (16 calo­ries) per level tea­spoon

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