Meet your friendly ten­ants, your body’s healthy bac­te­ria

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About 90 per cent of your body’s cells are bac­te­rial, not hu­man, and we’re just start­ing to un­der­stand their power. Sci­en­tists have been un­able to ob­serve our bac­te­ria in the lab be­cause mi­crobes need a living hu­man to sur­vive, but here’s what we do know: • As ba­bies in the womb, our bod­ies are ster­ile; we get our first dose of ‘good’ bac­te­ria while pass­ing through the birth canal • Th­ese ben­e­fi­cial bac­te­ria make es­sen­tial nu­tri­ents, in­clud­ing B-group vi­ta­mins (for en­ergy) and vi­ta­min K (for blood clot­ting and strong bones) • They also de­stroy po­ten­tial car­cino­gens • Healthy bac­te­ria may lift your mood and com­bat the blues • They may also help con­trol ap­petite • The foods we eat play an im­por­tant role in keep­ing our gut bac­te­ria both healthy and di­verse, and the more com­plex our bac­te­rial mix, the bet­ter So look af­ter your gut bac­te­ria — they’re look­ing af­ter you!

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