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Hot flushes, mood swings, fa­tigue and weight gain can all add up to a change of life. But keep your cool, man­ag­ing diet and lim­it­ing cer­tain foods can help.

Spicy food

Hot flushes can be trig­gered by the heat in chilli. In­stead, try us­ing le­mon, herbs and mild spices to add loads of flavour to meals.


Hav­ing more than the rec­om­mended one drink per day can also in­crease hot flushes.

Fast food

Min­imise menopausal weight gain by avoid­ing high-kilo­joule take­away foods such as burgers, pies, hot chips and pizza — their sodium lev­els can also cause fluid re­ten­tion and bloat­ing.


Us­ing cof­fee as a pick-me-up can worsen hot flushes and dis­rupt sleep, caus­ing fa­tigue and ir­ri­tabil­ity.

Non-for­ti­fied milk al­ter­na­tives

Menopause raises the risk of os­teo­poro­sis so you’ll need to in­crease your cal­cium in­take. If you pre­fer soy, al­mond or rice milk, go for one that’s cal­cium-for­ti­fied.

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