The av­er­age brew­ing time is 25 sec­onds, which is dis­gust­ing

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Bring your ket­tle to the boil, but don’t let it switch off by it­self. The key is hav­ing oxy­gen in the wa­ter, and ev­ery sec­ond it boils, you’re pump­ing out the oxy­gen. I al­ways rec­om­mend pour­ing out any resid­ual wa­ter in the ket­tle and start­ing afresh.

Jig­gle or no jig­gle? This whole jig­gling thing is a com­plete waste of time. It washes off the colour which fools you into think­ing that the tea’s ready. But colour doesn’t mean flavour, and the flavour is still in the bag.

How many cups do you drink a day? I con­sider any­thing less than 9 cups to be a to­tally un­sat­is­fy­ing tea­drink­ing day. The unof­fi­cial health ben­e­fit of tea is it’s a so­cial drink. When I get home, we sit down and put on a pot. Tea fa­cil­i­tates con­ver­sa­tion.

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