Catch your weekly quota of heart-healthy oily fish by just hook­ing a metal pull-ring. Yes you can!

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Catch your quota of heart-healthy, oily fish by just hook­ing the pull-ring of a can

Canned fish is the cook’s best friend when you’re hun­gry and in a hurry. What’s not to love about the con­ve­nience of a can filled with the good­ness of car­dio-car­ing omega-3 fats? Plus, there’s no need to trawl through the of­fen­sive odour at the fish­mon­gers that trav­els to your kitchen.

Eat­ing oily fish — such as canned tuna, sal­mon or sar­dines — just twice a week pro­vides the rec­om­mended amount of omega-3 fats to pro­mote good health.

With min­i­mal fid­dly prep ( just open the can), and a choice of fish flakes, chunks or slices, canned fish lends it­self to an ap­peal­ing va­ri­ety of tasty dishes. Your only limit is your imag­i­na­tion — from sandwich fill­ings or toast top­pers, through to light tuna pas­tas in­spired by the Mediter­ranean. Grab a can and dive in!

SLASH THE SALT! Choose canned fish with less than 400mg sodium per 100g

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