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Our on­line ar­ti­cle ‘Why is it so hard to say no to cake?’ (June, 2017) was pop­u­lar.

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Col­leagues can be­come quite ag­gres­sive at work when peo­ple at­tempt to re­sist the of­fer of cake. It can be stress­ful. I have been try­ing to re­sist cake for years and am al­ways amazed by the re­ac­tions to a sim­ple ‘no thank you’.

Ann Cur­wood

At our monthly morn­ing teas I started to bring in healthy food like nuts and fruit. Sur­pris­ing how many peo­ple make a bee­line for the healthy snack stuff.

Bron­wyn Scott

In­ter­est­ing topic. It is a bit like af­ter-work drinks. Not re­ally good for you, but in some cir­cles seen as the thing to do. But we should each be al­lowed to de­cline if we don’t want to do some­thing. It’s a free world, af­ter all.

Chris Haynes-Smart

‘No thank you’ alone can ac­tu­ally sound hurt­ful and in­sult­ing. Add a few more ex­plana­tory words.

Fiona McLen­nan

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