Slow carb trump low carb

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There’s no need to ditch all carbs to lose weight and be healthy — just choose bet­ter carbs. Whole grains, legumes and veg­eta­bles are slowly di­gested — which makes them a big win for your health. Here’s why you’ll love slow carbs:

High in fi­bre

“Foods that take longer to chew and di­gest help to keep you full for longer,” says spokesper­son Alan Bar­clay from the Di­eti­tians As­so­ci­a­tion of Aus­tralia.

Long-last­ing en­ergy

The slow re­lease of en­ergy also pre­vents rapid spikes and slumps in blood sugar lev­els, giv­ing you sus­tained en­ergy.

Sta­ble blood glu­cose lev­els

Blood glu­cose is more slowly re­leased from your gut and is more slowly trick­led into your blood­stream, caus­ing a lesser rise in in­sulin lev­els.

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