WHAT’S YOUR BODY TELLING YOU? Headaches? Achy joints? you can tell a lot about your health by the symp­toms you ex­pe­ri­ence. Here’s how to read your body lan­guage — and tweak your diet in re­sponse.

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Learn how to read ‘body lan­guage’ like headaches, and tweak your diet in re­sponse

Some­times de­ci­pher­ing phys­i­cal symp­toms is a no-brainer — an itch that’s caused by a mos­quito bite, sore mus­cles as a re­sult of yes­ter­day’s work­out, or blis­ters thanks to that new pair of shoes. At other times it’s not so straight­for­ward. What’s to blame for a headache? What’s mak­ing your skin so dry? And why do you keep de­vel­op­ing those an­noy­ing mouth ul­cers?

Of­ten th­ese symp­toms are your body’s way of let­ting you know some­thing is not quite right, and it’s tempt­ing to ask Dr Google for an­swers. In fact, nearly 60 per cent of Aus­tralians use the in­ter­net to source health in­for­ma­tion to avoid see­ing a GP, ac­cord­ing to a 2016 sur­vey.

But, while noth­ing can re­place the opin­ion and ad­vice of a qual­i­fied health pro­fes­sional, if you do want to in­ter­pret your ‘body lan­guage’, it’s im­por­tant to use cred­i­ble, re­search-backed in­for­ma­tion. To help you out, we’ve dug a lit­tle deeper into seven of the most com­mon health symp­toms. Find out what they might mean, and how a few small changes to your diet can help you turn things around.

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