the best foods to cold-proof your body

Eat foods rich in the fol­low­ing com­po­nents to boost your im­mu­nity and help stave off colds and flu.

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Con­sum­ing pro­bi­otics can sig­nif­i­cantly lower your risk of fever and in­fluenza, two Ja­panese stud­ies re­veal. What to eat: Try a pro­bi­otic-rich, low-fat plain yo­ghurt, and top it off with some stewed fruit for a healthy vi­ta­min boost. Or make a tasty miso soup.


All spices have health ben­e­fits, but re­search has shown ground cumin is par­tic­u­larly good for boost­ing your im­mu­nity. What to eat: Add some ground cumin seeds to a whole­some curry, soup, sauce or stew. Turn to page 49 for de­li­cious In­dian-in­spired recipes, some us­ing cumim.


Zinc may just be the ul­ti­mate win­ter min­eral. Sci­en­tists have found it can help with ail­ments from the com­mon cold and di­ar­rhoea to pneu­mo­nia and acute res­pi­ra­tory tract in­fec­tions. What to eat: Oys­ters are one of the great­est sources of zinc, but if they don’t tempt you, try a steam­ing pot of mussels with tomato and gar­lic.

Vi­ta­min a

Vi­ta­min A helps keep the lin­ing of your di­ges­tive tract healthy. This helps to pre­vent in­fec­tion be­cause your di­ges­tive tract is an im­por­tant phys­i­cal bar­rier to in­fec­tion and ill­ness. What to eat: Choose car­rots, but­ter­nut pump­kin and sweet potato, which go well in soups, roasts or just sim­ply steamed. Put eggs on your gut-health menu too — just one egg will pro­vide al­most half your rec­om­mended daily in­take of vi­ta­min A.

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