Which whole grains are Gluten free?

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You don’t have to miss out on healthy fi­bre if you’re not eat­ing wheat, rye, bar­ley and oats. Try th­ese gluten-free whole grains: Brown rice is an easy, gluten-free way to boost your fi­bre in­take, de­liv­er­ing a slightly nutty taste. Ama­ranth has a slightly pep­pery taste. It’s great in soups and stews, or you can ‘pop’ it like corn and use it in muesli bars. Buck­wheat, which is not wheat as its name might sug­gest, makes a great stuff­ing for red cap­sicums. Buck­wheat flour has up to 10 times the fi­bre of gluten-free flour. Mil­let has a very mild flavour. It can be boiled whole and used like rice, or en­joy it as fill­ing ‘por­ridge’ topped with cin­na­mon, shred­ded co­conut and ba­nana. Quinoa is a crunchy nutty seed. It takes just 15 min­utes to cook, us­ing a ra­tio of 1 cup of quinoa to 2 cups of wa­ter. It’s also avail­able as por­ridge flakes for gluten-free win­ter break­fasts. Teff is the small­est of grains, with a slightly ‘earthy’ flavour. You can use cooked teff in soups or as an al­ter­na­tive to po­lenta.

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