Is diet dis­rupt­ing your sleep?

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Cer­tain things you eat or drink can re­ally af­fect your sleep.


Caf­feine is a stim­u­lant, so you might find it makes it harder to fall asleep. You could sleep more lightly, wake fre­quently or need ex­tra trips to the bath­room. Caf­feine is not found solely in cof­fee — some teas, en­ergy drinks and soft drinks have it too.

Spicy foods

Dishes with plenty of chilli and gar­lic can cause you heart­burn and in­di­ges­tion, mak­ing sleep dif­fi­cult, so you might need to lay off late-night cur­ries with a good night’s sleep in mind.

Fatty foods

Creamy pas­tas and deep-fried dishes de­lay digestion, which means you could have a rest­less night. Th­ese types of foods can also trig­ger heart­burn.


While a night­cap might help you doze off, you’re likely to wake through­out the night and have a less rest­ful sleep — so try your best to cut down on booze.

Cer­tain foods can con­trib­ute to poor sleep

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