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Fast 800 is an in­ten­sive 12–week diet con­ceived by Dr Michael Mosley, the cre­ator of the pop­u­lar 5:2 diet. The Fast 800 com­bines a Mediter­ranean-style meal plan with fast­ing days of just 800 calo­ries for rapid weight loss. Mosley claims the diet can re­verse type 2 di­a­betes, as it did his. The pro­gram also in­cludes an ex­er­cise com­po­nent and of­fers as­sis­tance to pro­mote be­hav­ioral change. the ev­i­dence

The Fast 800 claims are backed by two re­cent stud­ies, which have shown the diet can re­sult in sub­stan­tial weight loss along with re­mis­sion of type 2 di­a­betes over a one-year pe­riod. How­ever, few stud­ies have ex­am­ined the long-term ef­fects of the diet, and very low-calo­rie di­ets can be dif­fi­cult to stick to. The bot­tom line is, it’s not for every­one and if you’re con­sid­er­ing it, talk to your GP.

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