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If your diet is mostly plant-based, but you in­clude meat or fish ev­ery now and then, you’re on a flex­i­tar­ian diet — which is also known as ‘flex­i­ble veg­e­tar­i­an­ism’. A quick search on Google will give you a long list of ben­e­fits, rang­ing from weight loss to re­duced risk of dis­ease, and even a smaller car­bon foot­print. the ev­i­dence

Re­search sug­gests the flex­i­tar­ian diet is a great one to fol­low. A re­cent re­view of 25 stud­ies found the diet had a pos­i­tive ef­fect on body weight and meta­bolic health, and re­duced the risk of type 2 di­a­betes.

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