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Q & AI hear so much about fer­mented foods like kom­bucha, but I don’t like their taste and they un­set­tle my tummy. How can I boost gut health with­out fer­mented foods? Sue Lim, via email

It’s per­fectly okay not to en­joy the taste of fer­mented foods and drinks, and there are plenty of other strate­gies to help you look af­ter your gut health. Most im­por­tantly, you can eat a di­verse ar­ray of plant foods. We should all be aim­ing for 30 plants each week — and that doesn’t just in­clude vegetables. En­joy a va­ri­ety of fruit, vegetables whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes.

One of the key health ben­e­fits of a diet rich in plant foods is the fi bre con­tent. This keeps your di­ges­tive sys­tem healthy by mov­ing things through, and also pro­vides fuel for your gut mi­crobes. The mi­crobes ac­tu­ally fer­ment the fi­bres them­selves, to cre­ate short-chain fatty acids, which play a key role in keep­ing the cells of your di­ges­tive tract healthy. Staying well hy­drated by drink­ing enough water each day will also help pre­vent con­sti­pa­tion.

Want to add more plant foods to your week? Start by fill­ing half your plate with colour­ful vegies, swap white bread/rice/pasta for whole­grain va­ri­eties, and try adding 2–3 meat-free meals to your weekly ro­ta­tion. It all adds up! Chloe McLeod is an Ad­vanced Sports Di­eti­tian, co-owner of Health & Per­for­mance Col­lec­tive, and founder of The FODMAP Chal­lenge. You can con­nect with Chloe at

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