What hap­pens when we eat carbs?

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Carbs are the petrol that fu­els the body’s en­gine. Dur­ing the di­ges­tive process, the body breaks down carbs from food into sugar (glu­cose), which then moves into the blood­stream and into our cells for en­ergy.

When we don’t eat enough carbs to main­tain this steady glu­cose sup­ply, we force our bod­ies to start us­ing pro­tein or fat for en­ergy. This is a back-up sys­tem to see your body through a sur­prise famine, so it’s a less ef­fi­cient process.

Glu­cose is also the main source of en­ergy for the brain, so it’s key to our think­ing and our mem­ory. Plus, with­out carbs, our mus­cles lack the en­ergy re­serves to re­spond prop­erly to emer­gen­cies. Carbs are es­sen­tial to life!

But not all carbs are equal, and choos­ing the right ones can re­ally make a big dif­fer­ence to your weight, mood and en­ergy lev­els.

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