What are warm &cold based foods?

Ex­cerpt taken from Wis­dom of Eat­ing by Dr Bel Zoughi FRACGP

Healthy Mama - - Contents - by Dr Bel Zoughi FRACGP

In an­cient Ayurvedic medicine, food was cho­sen to be eaten ac­cord­ing to the re­ac­tion it had with each body type. Food can be warm or cold in na­ture, not be­cause of their tem­per­a­ture but due to their ef­fect on the au­to­nomic ner­vous sys­tem (sym­pa­thetic or parasym­pa­thetic nerves).

The two nerves dic­tate all the bod­ily func­tions which are not un­der our con­trol like heart rate, bowel move­ments, se­cre­tion of hor­mones and en­zymes, con­trac­tion and di­la­tion of ves­sels, con­trac­tion and di­la­tion of pupils etc.

Our bod­ies are dif­fer­ent as well in that re­gard. Some bod­ies have more warm char­ac­ter­is­tics, mean­ing that their sym­pa­thetic nerves are more ac­tive and oth­ers have more cold char­ac­ter­is­tics, mean­ing that their parasym­pa­thetic nerves are more ac­tive. This is the rea­son why dif­fer­ent bod­ies have dif­fer­ent needs. Imag­ine a hor­i­zon­tal line - at one ex­treme is a warm core body and at the other ex­treme a cold core body. You are likely to be some­where in be­tween, lean­ing to­wards one side.

Warm Core

The best way to de­scribe warm and cold-based foods is to imag­ine you have just eaten a dish of beef and veg­eta­bles, which are cold based. Af­ter a few min­utes, you may crave a warm-based food. This is why peo­ple may crave for sweet dishes or dessert af­ter con­sum­ing a meal with meat. The sever­ity of this crav­ing de­pends of the type of body and the de­gree of cold­ness - some foods are colder than oth­ers.

In other words, we know that ev­ery per­son has a spe­cific body type, shape, glands and ner­vous sys­tem.

This is why one per­son can eat cold based foods all day with­out any side ef­fects, while a small amount of the same food in an­other per­son gives them symp­toms.

Cold Core

To help us un­der­stand the in­com­ing mes­sages from the au­to­nomic ner­vous sys­tem clearly, here are some sim­ple points to re­mem­ber:

1. ev­ery cell in our body is af­fected by th­ese nerves

2. ev­ery piece of food has some ef­fect on their func­tion,

3. ev­ery thought which passes through our mind is re­ceived and ac­knowl­edged by this sys­tem.

Have you no­ticed how be­ing ex­cited about some news can make your heart race? Or how be­ing up­set can make you lose your ap­petite?

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