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Just in time for 2001’s 50th birth­day, iTunes be­comes the first stream­ing ser­vice to present this land­mark work of sci­ence fic­tion in the vis­ually pris­tine 4K for­mat ( just dou­blecheck your TV or mon­i­tor can han­dle 4K be­fore you take the plunge, OK?). This reg­u­lar on most best-film-of-all-time lists hasn’t dated all that badly. Although its pro­jec­tions for a fu­ture of in­ter­plan­e­tary travel and ex­plo­ration are yet to land in the rel­e­vant ball­park (geez, when was the last time we even both­ered go­ing to the moon?), 2001’s de­pic­tion of man’s un­easy re­la­tion­ship with tech­nol­ogy is more eerily on the money than ever be­fore. Direc­tor Stan­ley Kubrick’s amaz­ing mar­riage of mu­sic and im­ages — seen at its ab­so­lute best in the space bal­let of the cap­sule dock­ing to the strains of Strauss’ The Blue Danube waltz — points to what we can achieve as a species when we put our minds to it. Con­versely, one of the most in­de­ci­pher­able end­ings ever com­mit­ted to cel­lu­loid re­minds us there are some things we will never com­pre­hend, no mat­ter how hard we try.

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