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Ruby Rose is liv­ing her child­hood dream of be­ing a su­per­hero as she suits up to play Bat­woman, writes Colin Vick­ery

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WHAT is it like be­ing a su­per­hero? Bloody un­com­fort­able if you ask Ruby Rose, who has been picked as the new Bat­woman.

The Aussie ac­tor, who starred in Or­ange Is the

New Black and Pitch Per­fect 3, is

set to star in a 2019 tele­vi­sion se­ries about the caped cru­sader.

Rose will be part of his­tory — her Bat­woman is the first gay su­per­hero to take a lead­ing role in a tele­vi­sion se­ries.

Fans will get their first look at Rose as Bat­woman in the DC su­per­hero cross­over event Else­worlds, which links episodes of Su­per­girl, The Flash and Ar­row.

Rose’s cos­tume was cre­ated by Oscar-win­ning de­signer Colleen At­wood whose most re­cent credit is Fan­tas­tic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindel­wald.

“There is a rea­son you never see su­per­heroes get into their suits on film, be­cause it is the most hum­bling and unattrac­tive thing in the world,” Rose says.

“Once you are in you don’t dare drink a glass of water be­cause pee­ing is a whole new mis­sion not cap­tured on these shows.

“How­ever, I still feel elec­tric­ity when I suit up and a mem­ory I will never for­get is stand­ing in the bril­liant Colleen’s of­fice and try­ing it on for the first time.”

Rose, 32, the god­daugh­ter of in­dige­nous box­ing leg­end Lionel Rose, has built up a ros­ter of strong ac­tion roles, in­clud­ing op­po­site Ja­son Statham in The Meg, Keanu Reeves in John Wick: Chap­ter 2, Milla Jovovich in Res­i­dent Evil: The Fi­nal Chap­ter and Vin Diesel in xXx: The Re­turn Of Xan­der Cage.

Play­ing Bat­woman — the char­ac­ter made her first comic book ap­pear­ance in De­tec­tive Comics #233 in 1956 — seems like a log­i­cal next step.

“I read about the project and I saw some sug­gested cast­ing choices and my name was start­ing to get used a lot as be­ing ru­moured to be at­tached to the role but I had not had any con­tact from any­one re­gard­ing it and I didn’t ex­pect to,” Rose says. “I flew to China for a film pre­miere and when I landed late at night with an early start I saw I had emails and voice­mails about whether I could put some scenes on tape. “De­spite be­ing pitch black and hav­ing no one to read of­f­cam­era I did my best to shoot four scenes. Then I got up at 4am to re-do as many as I could with some­one from my team read­ing off-cam­era. “Then I spent four hours try­ing to send them from China, which in it­self is im­pos­si­ble. As I got on my plane home (to Los An­ge­les) I found out that I would need to go in the day I landed and au­di­tion new scenes to a room of 10 peo­ple.”

Rose came out as les­bian at the age of 12. In more re­cent times she has de­scribed her­self as “gen­der fluid”.

For a time, Rose was en­gaged to fash­ion de­signer Phoebe Dahl and was in a re­la­tion­ship with Jess Origliasso of The Veron­i­cas.

“To me, it (play­ing Bat­woman) ful­fils my life mantra of ‘be the per­son you needed when you were young’,” Rose says.

“I can’t speak for ev­ery­one in the LGBTQI com­mu­nity but I know any win for any­one in our com­mu­nity is a win for all.” In the comic books, wealthy Gotham City heiress Kate Kane is in­spired to cre­ate Bat­woman by Bat­man’s hero­ics.

In the TV ver­sion, Kane is re­port­edly Bat­man al­ter-ego Bruce Wayne’s cousin.

“She re­mains mys­te­ri­ous but you (view­ers) do get a small glimpse of who she is and what her life looks like,” Rose says.

“Like every cross­over we have char­ac­ters in un­usual and unique sit­u­a­tions. For Bat­woman and Kate this is who she is with a bunch of su­per­heroes turn­ing up on her doorstep, not the Kate her friends and fam­ily and com­mu­nity know.”

Else­worlds re­port­edly opens with The Flash’s Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Ar­row’s Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) wak­ing to dis­cover they have swapped bod­ies.

The pair re­cruit Su­per­girl (Melissa Benoist) and travel to Smal­lville and Gotham City to in­ves­ti­gate how such a shift has oc­curred.

Other char­ac­ters set to make an ap­pear­ance in the cross­over in­clude Su­per­man/Clark Kent (Tyler Hoech­lin), Lois Lane (El­iz­a­beth Tul­loch), The Mon­i­tor (La­Mon­ica Gar­rett), Nora Fries (Cas­san­dra Jean Amell) and Arkham Asy­lum doc­tor John Dee­gan (Jeremy Davies).

But it is Rose’s Bat­woman that has cre­ated the big­gest buzz.

“My mother had pet bats and she has a bat tat­too,” Rose says. “I was more of a diehard Archie girl. I had so many of them (Archie comics). That was my treat — I would buy one a week.

“For­tu­nately I’ve done a lot of stunt work the past five years and I main­tain my fit­ness so train­ing-wise it (phys­i­cal fit­ness) was al­ready set in mo­tion be­fore the role.

“As a child I dreamt of be­ing a su­per­hero be­fore I dreamt of act­ing. Now I’ve got the holy grail — act­ing as a su­per­hero.”

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