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Larry’s now fit to in­spire


LARRY Em­dur wants to be an in­spi­ra­tion to ev­ery man to prove they can change their lifestyle habits for the bet­ter at any age. Em­dur, 50, has lost up to 12kg and now trains regularly as he gets set to fi­nally make an ap­pear­ance on Danc­ing With the Stars.

“My motto for my train­ing is if not now, when?” he said.

“I got to 50 and I was 10, 12kg over­weight, and I made old man noises when I would get off the lounge.

“I thought, if I don’t do this now, I never will.”

Em­dur is about to launch his online train­ing pro­gram aimed at men sim­i­lar to his lifestyle and age.

“It’s all about what is im­por­tant to me,” he said.

“Is it im­por­tant that I have this third glass of wine or is it im­por­tant that I sit on a spin bike for 20 min­utes af­ter din­ner?

“I was pretty com­fort­able in my life but it wasn’t un­til I got fit I re­alised how un­fit and un­healthy I ac­tu­ally was.” One of the ben­e­fits of be­ing so fit is now pay­ing off for The Morn­ing Show host as he trains up to five hours a day for Danc­ing With the Stars.

How­ever, Em­dur is petrified of walk­ing down the stairs and danc­ing live in front of the coun­try on Sun­day night.

“I’ve said yes to ev­ery­thing on tele­vi­sion,” he said.

“I’ve said yes to Celebrity Dog School, Celebrity Splash, Fam­ily Dou­ble Dare ... some of the worst shows on TV.

“Danc­ing With the Stars is the only show I’ve said no to, and that’s be­cause it scares the hell out of me.”

Em­dur will ar­rive in Mel­bourne to­mor­row for re­hearsals.

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