Herald Sun

Scots­men’s undies get out of kil­ter


A PUB in Scot­land has de­cided not to have male bar staff wear kilts while work­ing be­cause women keep lift­ing them to see what they’re wear­ing un­der­neath.

Phil’s not sur­prised the pub took this ac­tion. He was in a bridal party for a wed­ding years ago where the males wore kilts.

“All night, women lifted our kilts to see what we were wear­ing un­der­neath.

“We’d started out by wear­ing football shorts, but dur­ing the night we took them off and de­cided to shock any fe­males who peeked. “We shocked quite a few. “It’s funny how times change. Back then it was funny. Now it’s cause for a sex­ual ha­rass­ment claim.”

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