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Name these abusers


ONCE again, the courts have re­fused to al­low the Her­ald Sun to name and shame one of the state’s worst sex of­fend­ers in the mis­taken belief this per­son can be re­ha­bil­i­tated.

His years of ter­ror­is­ing chil­dren and their fam­i­lies prove oth­er­wise. This evil sex of­fender has never shown re­morse for his crimes and is at­tempt­ing to have con­di­tions of his su­per­vi­sion or­der re­laxed to al­low him to move into the com­mu­nity.

County Court judge Jane Pa­trick be­lieves the of­fender’s prospects of re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion would be re­duced if he were to be ex­posed to media at­ten­tion.

With all due re­spect to Judge Pa­trick, this news­pa­per be­lieves there are no in­di­ca­tions this mo­lester will ever change his ways.

The Her­ald Sun fought sup­pres­sion or­ders against re­veal­ing this man’s iden­tity on be­half of the com­mu­nity and we have lost. The real losers, how­ever, are the fam­i­lies who may never know where this abuser has moved next, or if he is just over their back fence.

The Her­ald Sun can­not re­port any ev­i­dence from the pro­ceed­ing and all doc­u­ments be­fore the court are sup­pressed. Ex­ten­sive se­crecy laws and court or­ders al­low re­port­ing only of lim­ited in­for­ma­tion.

What we can say is the man is one of 116 Vic­to­ri­ans on su­per­vi­sion or­ders and is one of sev­eral men seek­ing to have their con­di­tions re­laxed.

Once again, the courts will be seen to have shown more con­cern for these of­fend­ers and their pos­si­ble re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion than for the fam­i­lies of their vic­tims. These fam­i­lies have been trau­ma­tised by the vile crimes their chil­dren have been sub­jected to.

The of­fend­ers have served their orig­i­nal jail sen­tences but are con­sid­ered such a risk to the com­mu­nity that they are free un­der strict con­di­tions.

These con­di­tions are not al­ways ad­hered to and the po­ten­tial threat to other chil­dren as they move into the com­mu­nity should take prece­dence over their per­sonal com­fort and wel­fare.

Judge Pa­trick has cited pos­si­ble vig­i­lante at­tacks on this abuser if his name and where­abouts be­come known. The Her­ald Sun be­lieves the greater good of young fam­i­lies should guide the courts. It is their pro­tec­tion that is para­mount.

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