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Robert Doyle’s plan to ban bikes on three CBD streets has trac­tion at her­ald­sun.com.au


AT least four times a week I cy­cle along St Kilda Rd, down Flin­ders St, and along Queen St to ar­rive at work in La­trobe St, and vice-versa. I have found it more dan­ger­ous rid­ing up Swanston St due to pedes­tri­ans, po­lice cars, de­liv­ery vans, taxis and trams, than any other street.

Garry IN Ger­man cities, they have proper al­lo­cated bike tracks on foot­paths that re­ally stand out. Cy­clists are off the road and the walk­ing public re­spect­fully stay on foot­paths. Robert Doyle is right about the need to get cy­clists away from the more dan­ger­ous lo­ca­tions around the city.

Mal­colm I LOVE how Doyle seems to think cy­clists are sniff­ing the daf­fodils, or some such. Ev­ery time I am in the city, I have a com­mut­ing pur­pose, or a com­mer­cial one. If there is a sep­a­rate bike lane, I will most cer­tainly use it ... some­times, I will have to use a nor­mal traf­fic lane.

Pa­trick MIGHT want to move some of the hire bike racks if this comes in. Like, you know, the one at the top of Lons­dale St. I do think it’s an in­ter­est­ing idea that should be fleshed out, though.

Lee IT’S time there was some ra­tio­nal de­bate re bike ac­cess in the city. Walk down South­bank or any other sup­posed pedes­trian/bike shared ac­cess and you’ll see who is ag­gres­sive, and it ain’t walk­ers.

Greg THE prob­lem is we have driv­ers who have never rid­den a bike and do not un­der­stand what to do around bikes.

Jeff RID­ING in the city is plain stupid. I am a keen road racer and would not like to be caught in tram tracks.

Shar­ron I WAS at the vet last night af­ter my dog was knocked over by a cy­clist. They didn’t stop and there was no way to iden­tify them. They need to be reg­is­tered.

Kata­rina BIKE garages at the en­trances to the city, so riders can then jump on a tram, make sense.

Jared CY­CLISTS ig­nore most road rules so why would they ob­serve these?

Michael THANK god some­one is talk­ing sense. Keep go­ing, Mr Doyle.

Matt STOP­PING cy­clists on cer­tain streets is crazy. They won’t take any no­tice.

Ray FOR riders en­ter­ing the city around the Queens­bridge rail­way un­der­pass or the Ex­hi­bi­tion St ex­ten­sion, rid­ing along Flin­ders St is un­avoid­able and Ex­hi­bi­tion St is no pic­nic ei­ther. Cy­clists are road users and ban­ning them serves lit­tle pur­pose.

James I WOULDN’T ride down King St. There are nice roads one block ei­ther way that are much safer.

Si­mon I THOUGHT for a minute he was propos­ing ban­ning them, pe­riod, and I would have stayed home and cel­e­brated with a drink or two (only jok­ing, folks, don’t get your ped­als in a twist). But this is the most prac­ti­cal pro­posal since the is­sue started.


 ??  ?? Robert Doyle wants Flin­ders, King and Lons­dale streets to be bike-free.
Robert Doyle wants Flin­ders, King and Lons­dale streets to be bike-free.

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