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1 East Ren­nell, the world’s largest raised coral atoll, is a part of which Oceanic coun­try?

2 Which 2015 best-selling novel is the se­quel to the 2014 novel Mr.Mercedes?

3 Who led the Soviet Union through the Cuban Mis­sile Cri­sis?

4 Which team won the 2015 ANZ Cham­pi­onship grand fi­nal? 5 Be­larus de­clared its in­de­pen­dence from which coun­try in 1990?

6 Which 2015 re­al­ity TV se­ries fea­tures Lach­lan and Clare?

7 At which Sum­mer Olympics did Johnny Weiss­muller win three gold medals?

8 Who stars as Tem­per­ance ‘Bones’ Bren­nan in the TV se­ries Bones? 9 True or false: The Czech Re­pub­lic won the 2013 Davis Cup?

10 Which 2004 movie stars Johnny Depp as J. M. Bar­rie?

11 Nephropa­thy re­lates to the dam­age to or dis­ease of which or­gan of the hu­man body?

12 Kyah Si­mon is best known for rep­re­sent­ing Aus­tralia in which sport?

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