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There comes a point, soon af­ter any event has hap­pened, where most of us swiftly for­get doubt­ing whether it would ac­tu­ally oc­cur. That can give us a pe­cu­liar per­spec­tive on prophecy. An ac­cu­rate pre­dic­tion is seen as a state­ment of the ob­vi­ous, no mat­ter



Does be­ing an Aries make you speedy or smart? What’s that? Well, yes, I agree. The two are not mu­tu­ally ex­clu­sive. That was well-ob­served on your part and rapid too. It proves that peo­ple born un­der your sign are, in­deed, swift. An as­tute ob­ser­va­tion too. Even so, there are two points be­hind all that I have said so far. The first is a re­minder that to be quick is not al­ways the same as to be clever. The sec­ond? Be wary of let­ting oth­ers put words into your mouth this week­end, no mat­ter how flat­ter­ing. Don’t worry about the fu­ture. Call me for in­spir­ing news. Call 1902 222 500


“You are go­ing to have a good week­end.” Now, If I say this to you with my arms folded and a dour look on my face, would you be more in­clined to in­ter­pret it as an in­struc­tion than a pre­dic­tion? What if I wave my arms a lit­tle, smile en­cour­ag­ingly and show you two raised thumbs? Now, doesn’t that sound more like the kind of prom­ise that you won’t have to work too hard to ful­fil? Con­text is key to com­mu­ni­ca­tion, just as ges­tures re­veal so much about at­ti­tude. Trust your eyes as much as your ears this week­end. The fu­ture is wait­ing for you. You are go­ing to love it. Call 1902 222 500.


Some peo­ple have an ap­par­ent pas­sion for pes­simism. It ex­tends far fur­ther than any mere pref­er­ence or predilec­tion. This is the kind of whole­hearted en­thu­si­asm that can only ever arise from an ap­petite. It stems from a hunger to hear bad news and an in­sa­tiable urge to share trep­i­da­tion and ap­pre­hen­sion with oth­ers. Such folk can take the small, al­most sub­lim­i­nal, sign of a set­back and some­how am­plify and in­flate it into a ver­i­ta­ble Godzilla of gloom. Be wary of un­wanted en­coun­ters with such story-tell­ers this week­end. There are in­sights and rev­e­la­tions in store for you. Call 1902 222 500.


No mat­ter how noble and prin­ci­pled we may be, we don’t tell the truth to ev­ery­one. Even when our can­dour freely ex­tends to strangers, we may fail to share the ben­e­fits of full dis­clo­sure with one sur­pris­ing re­cip­i­ent. That’s the per­son that we see when we look in the mir­ror. We tell our­selves tales. We spin our­selves sto­ries. We help our­selves to be­lieve what we most want to be­lieve and to ig­nore what­ever ev­i­dence may be in­con­ve­niently con­tra­dict­ing that view. Face a fact this week­end, and you may yet beat a de­mon. You can work magic in your world. Call 1902 222 500.


Have you ever flown in a dream or en­joyed some equally un­likely, un­re­al­is­tic, ex­pe­ri­ence? Have you per­haps later, in one of those rare half-wak­ing, half-sleep­ing mo­ments of magic, found your­self won­der­ing why you can’t com­mand such power at will? For all that the peo­ple of this world may claim to be re­al­ists, in their se­cret heart of hearts, they are fan­ta­sists. Those who seek suc­cess, are well ad­vised to re­spect that per­spec­tive. If you want to im­press some­one this week­end, sym­pa­thise with who they think they are. You can al­ter what you want and make it work for you. Call 1902 222 500.


What are you made of? And what, there­fore, are you ca­pa­ble of? Too of­ten, we sell our­selves short. We rip our­selves apart like dis­grun­tled guests writ­ing rude Trip Ad­vi­sor re­views about some poorly run ho­tel. We see only the flaws and faults. We all but ig­nore the shin­ing as­sets. You de­serve a bet­ter deal this week­end, not just from oth­ers but from your­self. Make a real ef­fort to show more re­spect for what lies at your very essence and the rest of the world will be­come nat­u­rally, mag­i­cally, in­clined to fol­low suit. There is magic in the stars for you this week. Call 1902 222 500.


Li­brans fa­mously fo­cus on fair­ness. Well, we wouldn’t ex­pect any­thing less, would we, from those born un­der the sign of the bal­ance? But might there be times when, in the process of mak­ing an ad­mirable ef­fort to be fair to var­i­ous other peo­ple and prin­ci­ples, you some­times end up be­ing a lit­tle un­fair to some other cause that is equally wor­thy of re­spect and a whole lot closer to home? Don’t do your­self a dis­ser­vice this week­end. Place your own needs on at least an equal foot­ing with those of ev­ery­one else. If you need some in­spi­ra­tion, this is the week for you! Call 1902 222 500.


As the New Hori­zons space probe hur­tles on to­wards the Kuiper Belt, each new pic­ture of Pluto that it sends back tells us more about this spe­cial ce­les­tial ob­ject that has been deemed to gov­ern your zo­diac sign since its dis­cov­ery. We see it is en­gaged in a glo­ri­ous per­pet­ual dance with four other heav­enly bod­ies. We now know too, that it is no­table for a de­light­ful and enor­mous heart. And while some have ques­tioned its im­por­tance of late, all eyes are on it now in awe. Much as they will be on you this week­end. The plan­ets say that won­der­ful changes are pos­si­ble. Call 1902 222 500.


Re­mem­ber the Wee­bles? Once, these were pop­u­lar chil­dren’s toys. Lit­tle fig­urines that sat up­right on a hemi­spher­i­cal base. They were sold un­der the catch-phrase, “Wee­bles wob­ble but they don’t fall down.” A bit like Sagit­tar­i­ans. You have been born blessed with an amaz­ing abil­ity to bounce back from al­most any ad­verse en­counter. That doesn’t mean, though, that you have to spend your whole life look­ing for more op­por­tu­ni­ties to prove your nat­u­ral re­silience. This week­end can be easy if you want it to be. In­sights are avail­able to you this week. Find out more. Call 1902 222 500.


“Any­thing you can do, I can do bet­ter.” So goes the old Irv­ing Ber­lin song from An­nieGetYour­Gun. It has stood the test of time be­cause we can all iden­tify with that com­pet­i­tive sen­ti­ment. Yet the very fact that we can all iden­tify with it, may be why we shouldn’t see our ten­dency to want to outdo each another as a facet that ren­ders us unique! In­deed, a spe­cial skill that turns out to be wor­thy of far greater re­spect, might be the abil­ity to re­sist the quest for one-up­man­ship. You need not prove too many points this week­end. Call me if you are look­ing to make some pos­i­tive changes: 1902 222 500.


To pick up where we left off yesterday, the Book of Ge­n­e­sis says, “In the be­gin­ning was the word.” But in Pro­fes­sor Hawk­ing’s book, the be­gin­ning was a Big Bang. Per­haps these two state­ments are not as mu­tu­ally in­com­pat­i­ble as they may ap­pear. Per­haps the word in the Bi­ble was a very loud word and that’s why it sounded like such a big bang. There is a dis­pute of some kind this week­end, over the true ori­gins of some process or plan. Surely, though, all that mat­ters is not where it’s come from but where it’s go­ing next. Great news if you are look­ing for in­spi­ra­tion and magic. Call 1902 222 500.


Even those who are res­o­lutely ir­re­li­gious will soon con­cede that who­ever wrote the Bi­ble knew a thing or two about hu­man na­ture and they were par­tic­u­larly as­tute and ob­ser­vant of for­bid­den fruit. If you want to make some­thing seem at­trac­tive and in­ter­est­ing, just ban, pro­hibit, deny or re­fute it. Who, if born blessed with an ad­ven­tur­ous spirit, would be able to re­sist it then? You won’t spend your week­end en­joy­ing some­thing that you are not sup­posed to en­joy, just be­cause you are not sup­posed to en­joy it, will you? One quick call will cost less than cof­fee and a cake! Call 1902 222 500.

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