Giv­ing up al­co­hol dur­ing preg­nancy seems a no-brainer to our Face­book read­ers

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I JUST as­sumed it was al­ready manda­tory. Granted, I al­most never buy hard liquor, but I don’t know the last time I saw a bot­tle of any­thing that didn’t have a warn­ing la­bel on it. I’m not sure it will ac­tu­ally do any good though. The ef­fects of al­co­hol dur­ing preg­nancy are pretty com­mon knowl­edge as it is, and if you’re that much of an al­co­holic, you prob­a­bly won’t read warn­ing la­bels any­way. TJ

GOOD. Too many preg­nant want “their cake and eat it too”. Zero al­co­hol is the only safe amount dur­ing any stage of preg­nancy. It’s not hard for nine months of your life. If it is too hard, then you have a prob­lem. Kylie

I THOUGHT all al­co­hol bev­er­ages have warn­ing la­bels al­ready? I still can’t un­der­stand why women still con­sume al­co­hol dur­ing preg­nancy. Doesn’t mat­ter how much or how lit­tle, no amount is safe for a de­vel­op­ing hu­man be­ing. I had a baby al­most four months ago and I gave it up for nine months to give my baby boy the best start to life. Tif­fany

MOST al­ready do. It’s up to the mother (and her part­ner) to say no to drink­ing, smok­ing or drugs of any other sort when ex­pect­ing. Be re­spon­si­ble, or don’t get preg­nant in the first place. Cyn­thia

IF you can’t give up al­co­hol for nine months so your baby isn’t harmed, and put your child first, then should you re­ally be­come a mother? Laura

SHOULD have it on cig­a­rettes as well ... can’t smoke in cars with kids but women smoke while preg­nant. Crim­i­nal. Ian

THERE’S some­thing wrong if you can’t put your baby first and not drink for nine months. It’s such a short time in the grand scheme of things. Nikki

ISN’T there enough ed­u­ca­tion out there for mums-to-be? Shilo

ARE there se­ri­ously peo­ple out that who don’t un­der­stand that hav­ing al­co­hol while preg­nant is ex­tremely risky for the un­born child? Emma

IF you wouldn’t feed a baby al­co­hol when it’s born, do not drink while preg­nant — it’s ex­actly the same thing. Alice

ABOUT time, that way a woman can’t say they didn’t know it would harm their un­born baby. Linda

I WOULD think women would re­alise not to drink dur­ing their preg­nancy. I gave up smok­ing and drink to give my babies a healthy start to life. Tracey

WHICH booze bot­tles haven’t been car­ry­ing that warn­ing? Ash

THE rea­son they do it is be­cause there are losers who blame the man­u­fac­tur­ers for their stupid de­ci­sions. The only way man­u­fac­tur­ers can pro­tect them­selves is by plac­ing warn­ing la­bels on bot­tles. Sheree

IT’S com­mon sense. If the preg­nant woman doesn’t know this, then 1) She should have some­one in her life who does who would surely tell her, or 2) She shouldn’t be breed­ing. Ebony

ISN’T it com­mon sense — she shouldn’t be drink­ing if she is cre­at­ing life in­side her. Sen­nur

UN­FOR­TU­NATELY there is no com­mon sense nowa­days. Not that this will make much dif­fer­ence, peo­ple will do what they want. Sarah

IF they can’t fig­ure that out with­out a warn­ing la­bel, should they be hav­ing kids? Matthew

THE idea of la­bels on ev­ery­thing warn­ing us makes us re­ally look like we are re­spon­si­ble adults. Rick

IT should be that bar and restau­rant staff can’t serve al­co­hol to them, that would even be bet­ter. Kather­ine

PRETTY sure it al­ready is. Mon­ica

IS that a la­bel say­ing al­co­hol may lead to preg­nancy? Kerry

THEY should have a warn­ing for me: Can cause preg­nancy. Shirley

All al­co­hol will carry warn­ings about the risks of drink­ing while preg­nant.

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