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◆ 2 sheets of thick A4 pa­per with a tem­plate printed on each ◆ 2 sheets of A4 card in white or an­other colour of your choice ◆ Scis­sors ◆ Craft knife ◆ Pen­cil ◆ Black marker ◆ Glue stick ◆ Lots of postage stamps ◆ Two frames for your fin­ished pic­tures


◆ Print the tea cup tem­plate on one of the A4 sheets of thick pa­per. ◆ Hold the de­sign up to the light and trace it on the back of the page. This will be your guide to cut out the im­age once all the stamps are stuck on. ◆ Glue the stamps directly on the de­sign, once again over­lap­ping and hang­ing over the out­line of the tem­plate. Ex­per­i­ment with colours to make de­signs and to add depth to the im­age, such as us­ing darker-coloured stamps at the top of the saucers to im­i­tate the cup’s shadow. ◆ When dry, cut out the im­ages us­ing your traced guide on the back of the pa­per. ◆ Glue the cut-outs on to a piece of card (ei­ther white or an­other colour), stick­ing the saucer down first and draw­ing a black out­line around it. ◆ Then glue the cup so it sits on top of the saucer, and draw an out­line round it with the black marker to pro­vide def­i­ni­tion. ◆ When the fi­nal prod­uct is dry, trim it down to size and frame it.

Use dif­fer­ent colours to make de­signs.

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