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Highfields' Own - - Contents -


◆ Small round tin or other con­tainer

◆ Small glass jar/bot­tle

◆ Poly­mer clay of vary­ing colours

◆ Fab­ric scraps

◆ White straws or pa­per lol­ly­pop sticks

◆ Medium-sized bead

◆ Cro­chet cot­ton 40

◆ Two quil­ters’ pins

◆ Scraps of cloth­ing pat­tern pa­per

◆ Print-outs of pat­tern packet, cross-stitch pat­tern, and Singer sewing ma­chine poster

◆ Craft glue & glue stick

◆ Tweez­ers

◆ Pin & scis­sors

◆ Bak­ing tray

Jar of but­tons

◆ Poly­mer clay in dif­fer­ent colours — very small amount

◆ Roll tiny balls of clay and place on the bak­ing tray.

◆ Squash each ball un­til almost flat. Prick two small holes in the cen­tre. Bake as di­rected on clay pack­age. When cool, fill small glass jar.

Rolls of fab­ric

◆ Cut straws or pa­per lol­ly­pop sticks into four inch sec­tions.

◆ Cut 3 ½ inch strips of fab­ric for each stick or straw.

◆ Run a line of craft glue along one of the sticks and ad­here one 3 ½ inch side to it, press­ing firmly to make it stick.

◆ Roll the fab­ric around the stick, then place a few dots of glue to keep the fab­ric in place and the end of the roll. Sewing pat­terns

◆ Cut out each sewing pat­tern en­ve­lope and fold the sides to be glued, but don’t put any glue on yet.

◆ Glue the en­ve­lope closed and tease the sewing pat­tern pa­per un­til you achieve the de­sired look.

◆ You may want to have some sealed en­velopes, in which case glue all sides and the en­ve­lope closed.

Ball of yarn

◆ Thread the cro­chet cot­ton through the bead and tie tightly. Keep th­ese at­tached to the ball of cot­ton.

◆ Smear glue over the en­tirety of the bead and wind the cro­chet cot­ton around, stick­ing it firmly to the bead.

◆ Con­tinue un­til the bead is com­pletely cov­ered and looks like a ball of wool.

◆ Leave to set for 5-10 min­utes, then, while the glue is still a lit­tle wet, stick the two quil­ters pins in the ball to look like knit­ting nee­dles.


Be­gin by glu­ing a few pieces of fab­ric over­lap­ping on the front of the tin, or add to the ef­fect by sewing a tiny quilt. Print out poster and glue bot­tom edge in tin, then glue in rolls of fab­ric. Ar­range jar of but­tons and ball of wool and glue in. Crease and ar­range sewing pat­tern en­velopes and cross-stitch pat­tern.

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