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There are cer­tain ar­eas in most peo­ple’s homes that tend to be ig­nored for long pe­ri­ods of time.

Stor­age cup­boards, spare rooms and garages are the main cul­prits for un­nec­es­sary clut­ter.

Spring is a great time of year for any kind of clean­ing but it’s ex­cel­lent for those ar­eas you rarely use or even think about.


If you find your­self con­tin­u­ously rum­mag­ing around in your cup­board, shov­ing aside those scratchy sheets you hate, try­ing to find the ones you like, you need to do a cup­board au­dit.

This means emp­ty­ing the cup­board and di­vid­ing it into two piles – ‘things you’ve used in the past year’ and ‘things you haven’t used in the past year’.


You don’t need to go crazy in the gar­den (un­less you want to) but you should make the time to give it a bit of a tidy-up.

Throw away any dead plants, both from the ground and in pot plants. Prune away dead branches off trees, mow your lawn, sweep gar­den paths and porches and give your out­door fur­ni­ture a good scrub.


We’ve all had those mo­ments where we read that canned chick­peas are the new su­per­food and then ran out bought seven cans of the stuff, only to for­get about it a few days later.

Almost all of us have dozens of items in our cup­boards that are way past their use-by dates or sim­ply haven’t been used for some rea­son.

To com­bat this, empty your cup­boards and di­vide your items into three piles – ‘in use’, ‘might use’ and ‘won’t use/ex­pired’.

Once you’ve put your ‘might use’ prod­ucts on this shelf, add a sticky la­bel to the shelf with the date on it and give your­self six months to use up all the items. In six months’ time, what­ever is left on the shelf gets thrown away.

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