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HEAT­STROKE in an­i­mals is a killer and can hap­pen fast. Un­like hu­mans, dogs do not cool off by sweat­ing. The only way they can lower their body tem­per­a­ture is to pant and sweat through their paws. HOW DO YOU AVOID HEAT­STROKE? ■ Pro­vide pets with cool, shaded ar­eas ■ Pro­vide plenty of clean, fresh wa­ter ■ Bring an­i­mals in­doors on hot days ■ Do not ex­er­cise an­i­mals in hot, hu­mid con­di­tions ■ Do not leave your dog in a ve­hi­cle ■ Feed more wet or tinned food. SIGNS TO WATCH OUT FOR ■ Heavy pant­ing, dif­fi­culty breath­ing, thick saliva ■ Bright red tongue and mu­cous mem­branes ■ Vom­it­ing or bloody di­ar­rhoea, un­steadi­ness. Ve­teri­nary help should be sought as soon as pos­si­ble. Spray cool wa­ter onto the an­i­mal, fol­lowed by fan­ning.

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