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No mat­ter where you are right now, how you feel and what is go­ing for you, you can prac­tice this med­i­ta­tion for peace. I like to sit in med­i­ta­tion as shown, with eyes closed, yet you may pre­fer to sit in a chair, or even lie down. If it moves you, record the words and play them back to your­self, or ask some­one to do this for you.

Re­lax, be peace. The world needs more peace right now, and it starts here, with each one of us, in our mo­ments of qui­etude. Let’s bring the en­ergy of peace to the world through this peace­ful med­i­ta­tion. Your health, your well­be­ing, and the health and well­be­ing of others, de­pends on it. Be peace, be love, be free. Here we go. Are you ready? Read slowly, pause for full mo­ments in time when you can, take your time, for peace….

Choose your po­si­tion, sit­ting or ly­ing down, and close your eyes.

Sit tall by lift­ing up your spine, and take a deep breath in. Draw the shoul­ders down, with­out col­laps­ing this lift of your spine, and breathe out.

Breathe in thought the nose, breathe out through the nose. Keep breath­ing. Soften your face. Re­lax all the mus­cles in your face. Fo­cus on your breath. Lift your spine, draw the shoul­ders down, breathe. Soften the mus­cles around the face. Breathe. And keep breath­ing. Know that is this mo­ment, right now, in your breath aware­ness, in this body, in this space, you are love. Love. You are Love. Say I Am Love. Breathe in love. Breathe out love.

There is a lot of ten­sion in the world right now, yet in this mo­ment, in this body, in this breath, there is peace.

Lift the spine, draw the shoul­ders down, soften the face. Breathe. Peace.

Breathe in peace, breathe out peace.

Feel peace in your mus­cles, breathe peace to your mus­cles. Re­lax into peace.

Breathe peace to your or­gans, all of them, send peace to each or­gan, even the ones you might not know about, send peace to those too. Breathe in peace, breathe out peace, re­lax.

Send peace to your limbs, to your life, to the space you are sit­ting in, to all ten­sions.

Ask for all ten­sions to be in­fused right now with a sense of deep peace, of deep love, from your heart cen­tre, to all suf­fer­ing ev­ery­where, in­clud­ing your own. Smile. Breathe. Smile again. Now. Prac­tice grat­i­tude for some­one or some­thing won­der­ful in your life. Maybe it is the morn­ing cof­fee that you have grown to love so much. Maybe it is your chil­dren or their chil­dren- your grand­chil­dren, or maybe the earth it­self. What­ever comes to you that you wish to ex­press thanks for in this mo­ment, in this body, in this breathe, give thanks. Now, give thanks for this life, an ex­pres­sion of di­vine peace, of di­vine love, of di­vine play.

Here is your med­i­ta­tion. That’s it. Sim­ple as this. And here you thought you can’t med­i­tate? You can, you just did. You still are.

Lift the spine, draw the shoul­ders down, breathe. Soften the face. Breathe in love, breathe out love.

Send peace to all, send love to all, send peace to all suf­fer­ing, to all con­flict. Fo­cus on the peace you send, fo­cus on peace. Be peace. Choose peace and love in all your trans­ac­tions, in all your thoughts, all your de­sires, in all your life.

May all be­ings ev­ery­where be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words and ac­tions of my own life con­trib­ute in some way to that hap­pi­ness and free­dom for all.

This is health, this is well­be­ing. Kylie Ter­raluna is a yoga, health and life­style fea­ture writer and health jour­nal­ist. Kylie teaches pri­vate yoga and well­ness coach­ing ses­sions, with home vis­its along the hills to hawkes­bury re­gion and some­times be­yond. She also runs pri­vate re­treats. Kylie is the Health & Well­be­ing fea­ture writer for the Hills to Hawkes­bury Liv­ing Mag­a­zine. For more, visit kyli­eter­

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